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Shuffleboard Table

Suffleboard table game is available for rent from Arcade Party Rental We offer 14-foot or 22-foot tournament size commercial Grand Champion Shuffleboard manufactured by America’s #1 Shuffleboard manufacturer Champion Shuffleboard in Richland Hills, Texas.
With the success of Sports Bars, Brewery Restaurants and Family Fun Centers, shuffleboard table has caught on with players of all ages. The games involve skill and, of course, a little luck. FUN FOR ALL AGES to play!
There are several traditional table shuffleboard games that are played. The most common table shuffleboard game played in major tournaments is called "Knock Off". Other commonly played table shuffleboard games are "Crazy Eight" and "Horse Collar". In the basic two-handed game, both players stand at the same end of the shuffleboard. They select their weights (four red and four blue) and decide who shall shoot first weight. The first player slides his weight by hand from the playing end of the shuffleboard toward the scoring zones at the opposite end. His opponent then shoots his first weight in a similar manner. The two players continue to alternate shooting weights until all eight weights have been thrown.
The game is delivered in two pieces: the cradle of the game and the playfield a 3 inch thick and 20 inch wide solid maple board. It takes 3 men to deliver and assemble the game on the location.

(Dimensions 30"W x 180"L x 30"H 14-foot)
(Dimensions 30"W x 270"L x 30"H 22-foot)
(Power 120v AC, 1amps)

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